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How It Works

Suit hire in just five easy steps.

1 Create your look in our Outfit Builder

Be as creative as you like! Have fun with colour choices and don't be afraid to mix and match ideas.

Create your look in our outfit builder
2 Order a FREE Home Try On

Save your favourite styles and, once you've found your perfect look, we'll send you it for a free 2 day trial in your own home, months before the wedding.

Order a FREE Home Try On
3 Place your order

In just minutes, you can hire all your suits for your big day. Add your groomsmen to your account and we'll email them the outfit details, collect measurements and payments, and keep everyone on track.

Place your order
4 Receive your order

To give you peace of mind, we'll deliver your suit for FREE over a week before your event, so there's plenty of time for us to send you FREE replacements if something doesn't fit.

Receive your order
5 Return your outfit

After the big day, simply stick the DPD returns label we’ve supplied onto the top of your original box, place all garments and the suit bag back in the box, reseal it using the adhesive tear strip underneath the front panel and return it to a DPD Pickup Shop. There are 2,500 of these throughout the UK. Find your local one here: DPD Pickup Shops

Return your outfit